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Laserlight offers safe and effective treatments to help with scar concerns. We can treat all varieties of scar such as surgical, acne and stretch marks. All procedures are performed by an experienced laser specialised therapist.

Every time the skin or tissue is cut or damaged it will heal by forming a scar. Various factors influence how your skin scars including the depth and size of the wound or incision, the location of the injury, skin type, age, heredity, sex and ethnicity. These factors will all affect how your skin reacts.

Laser treatments

Laserlight offers effective scar reduction treatments with the Ellipse Nordlys Laser/SWT system. This method is ideal for new or red/pink scars and can drastically reduce redness whilst stimulating collagen and elastin. We usually recommend between 1-3 sessions, however this is dependent on the nature of the scar.


Scar before & after

Scar before & after

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